Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What means the most to you as a player ?

As a Runescape player, I value money and combat, skills far more than anything else. It's not hard to believe, I stare blankly at that Bandos chestplate every day. From what I can so far see in other bloggers from what they've posted, I see some traits of their personality. Know that these are assumptions and as they say: When you assume, you make an ass out of U and Me. lol.

Marlaine, hardly seems values money, cares about skills, does little mindless skilling over 8 hours without a break.(I actually do that) Worries about people in need (like me when she gave me dem Sara Brews). Doesn't seem to ever get mad...frustrated, possibly but never berserk (unlike me who nearly punches out my monitor after failing the darts for the 7th time).

Tim, seems to take combat seriously (read his early posts) has a ton of cash which he willingly blows off at the same time on a few large things (Bandos, Bandos Godsword, 42 mil on his house). Does have high stats but still focuses on combat (like me).

Kitt, gets mad, not often but happens (constant swearing on her blog is an indication lol steak knife). Seems to value skills and does the unorthodox ones first (fishing before woodcutting) has patience. Just take a look at her 99 woodcutting goal, she sets it out one day and has it done in around a week.

Micro, can't say much...he's lucky, very lucky indeed. Takes regular breaks from skilling (good) and...yep.

Me, values money, lol, humor and meaningful articles (sometimes). Combat skills are first regard though I've got about as much courage as a wet puppy. I prefer accuracy but force is valued. Money is second regard, cash is needed for most methods I use to train skills. I avoid skills with over-clicking like Runecrafting or Crafting. People call me lazy but shoving 2 jerseys into each other and putting both on at the same time is efficiency, not laziness. Currently, I'm on a Summoning Fever and summoning mein brains to kingdom come. I want 50 and my kingdom could provide me with a Raven Egg. Level 50 seems closer than ever.

Yep...I did beat an innocent pheasant down...with an anchor...no reason...

I have made up my mind about what to get first, Whip followed by a purty new Amulet of Fury.

Regards, Boombaye1

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