Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ravens and more Summoning.

In all my travels, I've seen 4 Zamorak Hawks, 2 Saradomin Owls and 2 Guthix Raptors..but not one Raven. I've always loved the mysterious nature of the bird, shrouded in darkness, it seems great as a pet. Kitt got incredibly lucky and managed to obtain 2 Raven eggs. I only had 1 Red egg in my entire life...Marlaine has about 40 something Red eggs.

I'm planning on holding a Summoning house party sometime. This will only happen when I get 50 Summoning AND a Raven Chick. The Zamorak Hawk is also very tempting, vicious, menacing and red, seems like a nice pet. My Kingdom should provide me with a nest sometime that contains a Raven Egg.

My main goal for now is simply Dragon boots which I'll have by tomorrow but Summoning is never far from my mind, the Giant Mole drops charms, Bork has a 100% Drop rate of charms and I'm in the lookout for a good Crimson charm dropper.

Regards, Boombaye1

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