Monday, March 17, 2008

Summoning fever.

Yes, that really the current version of me up there ^.^

Woodcutting...boring ? Yes. Slow ? Yes. Am I gonna stop for now ? Yes.

I have seen potential in Summoning as a great moneymaker...for 2 familiars at least.

The Macaw and the Bull Ant.

Firstly, the Macaw. It makes your herb drops better how much better ? takes me 40 mins of get a 22 Grimy herbs Ranarr and above. It used to take me 25 mins to get a full inventory of Unids. Now, 15 mins to get 22 herbs Ranarr and above. All thanks to the Macaw. All it costs me ? 1 Guam, 1 Green charm and 78 Shards. Or about 1.2k off the Exchange. I can come up with about 40k in 15 mins as opposed to 30k every 20 mins from woodcutting. Great, eh ?

Now, the Bull Ant, I can't bring up a Terrorbird yet so it'll have to do for now. It's unburden ability really helps in Tracking and killing the Giant Mole. In layman's terms, Bull Ant + Unburden + Giant Mole = Birds nests with a chance of gettin' a Spirit Tree seed.

I'm going to post a guide sometime on how to hunt the Giant Mole with summoning but now, a quick guide to mass murder of druids with a Macaw standing around.


41 Summoning
Decent combat stats


2 Macaw pouches (1 more just in case you forget to renew one)
Summoning Potion (just a precaution)
Teleport runes to Falador or your house if it's in Taverly

1. Walk to Taverly dungeon, get to the Dungeon and druids.
2. Summon your Macaw when you see the druids.
3. Kill until you feel bored or need to bank.
4. Teleport to Falador, bank and go back. Alternative is to Teleport to your house, use a Glory to get to Edgeville, take the shortcut to the Exchange and sell.


If you hear a clock ticking, it means your familiar will be dismissed in 30 secs.
Only renew when you have 30 secs left.
Bring along some Herbcall scrolls to get a couple extra herbs while there.
You can recharge your points at the Taverly Obelisk if you have to.

Regards, Boombaye1

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