Friday, March 14, 2008 and something 'bout Dan Brown

Due to my need for money, I'm planting Ranarrs while woodcutting for that needed boost. I'm 58 exp away from 42 Farming. I ran into Marlaine earlier. Yes, I know her worlds are about 2000 miles off the ones I use but I needed a world that wasn't crowded and 158 registers as good enough so I headed there. Pretty soon, I saw that I had 664 exp till 40 Summoning so I headed to the obelisk. My heart skipped 1...mebbe 2 or 14 beats when I right clicked and the words 'Marlaine level-131' is sitting there. Normally, I woulda just skimmed by 'level 131' like nothing but 'Marlaine' is what stood out...and pretty soon, we chatted for 'bout 5 mins and went our separate ways. She really does say 'smiling' in the game and not just on the blog !

Dan Brown's Deception Point is excellent. Read it twice within 24 hours. The suspense and realism is what really seems so cool.

Just got the level ! I can now grow...curry and evil turnips. Wow, that is soooooo worth the effort.
I should have Miranda (yes, I do name my weapons...don't judge me) soon, within the weekend hopefully.

Regards, Boombaye1

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