Thursday, March 20, 2008

J Mod and Casual

I ran into one Mod Hohbein today in Lumbridge, World 32. It wasn't a long visit but was rare opportunity to run into one. I asked him if it was possible to have the items you keep at the same value as they are in the GE so if I had a Dragon Battleaxe and a Whip, I'd keep the whip if I died. This kind of thing is the basis of many scams an lure tactics.

He also surprisingly humorous and was accompanied by a P Mod. Apparently, he works at JaGex but isn't an actual J Mod. He's the one in the Wig, tenderizer and Judge outfit.

Now for the casual bit, in the one where I show you how he looks, I'm the one in the elegant with Zamorak book and a D scimitar. Many people have a casual skilling outfit and a combat outfit. Casual outfits tend to match and are sometimes more expensive than combat outfits.

So, the points is, do you have one ? I'm not one to run around in battle armour for the whole day so I have something extra to wear...I'm 1.9k away from 69 Range...yes, I had to go Dragon Hunting today and I'm 2.9k away from 85 Attack. One of my short term goals is off the list ^.^

Regards, Boombaye1


Brumcol said...

Mine consists of Void knight Mage helm, varrock plate 3, fury ammy, d axe, saradomin book, quest cape, void knight skirt, and dragon boots.

the black and grey match nicly

Boombaye1 said...

Whoa, nice...I've always wanted a cape with its on emote =p

oxox0xoxo said...

im n ot a quest guy but, i just finishd frankmik ilses so dont laugh... but i n ow were (black clothes... shirt and pants) want white loes and boots... nez. helm.... whate and red scraf :D