Saturday, March 1, 2008


I've been getting involved with Dragons lately...not romantically (unless you consider exchanging large amounts damage *romantic*) Soloing the KBD, killing Red Dragons and Black Dragons no Metal Dragons however, not worth it. My Dragonfire shield goal is obviously back up. I just killed a couple Reds for fun. The KBD and Blacks were the ones for the Visage (no luck on either end). With Bounty Hunter back, the DFS shield price dropped...a lot. So I'm looking for a (non boring) way to get the shield in its whole form but that may not be worth the effort. Hard to decide. Can someone help me ? Like gimme a couple suggestions on either Dragon Hunting (no mithrils) or Moneymaking ? Please, no Barrows suggestions or anything involving 'patience' .

For now, I'll be at the Seers Village Magics cutting my way to a Zamorak Page 1 or even an amulet of Fury o.O

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