Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fight Caves goal.

Title says it all.

I'm gonna try something slightly suicidal. Doing the hardest minigame in existence with 68 Range. It can be done. I won't bother with range until I've finished my goal. The main reason for this is to vent my frustration for that mute but since I can't lob Chinchompas at Gower himself, I'll have to settle for the biggest monster ever.

I need suggestions (that don't involve gaining extra levels) from those who have done it, Kitt, Tim, Marlaine, Prime. You guys are top priority here and I need suggestions for inventories, methods and most of all, how not to get roasted in 1 hit.

I have posted a screenshot of my armour, weapons and gear I can use in the endevour and I need to narrow things down. Kebbit bolts are know to hit as hard as a magic shortbow on addy arrows. The hunter crossbow is also cheap, 1 handed and a helluva lot faster. I could try ruby or diamond tipped bolts. My food of choice is Manta. The Dragon Sq can be used with a crossbow. The approximate cost for buying rune arrows, Sara brews is about 200k in total. Brews alone would cost about 100k. I doubt an anchor would work as I'd lose an inventory space. I could sell m Obsidian cape to fund a trip and use the Legends but I lose a +2 Defense bonus. using an Accumulator will pick up bolts meaning less per trip.

Guys, I need your advice on this one big-time. Prayer switching tactics, anything that doesn't include 'don't melee jad'...armed with this research, you must see if I should add or take something away. Call it a mission of mercy. Quick, dangerous and covert, just what you were bred for. (mebbe not but I was on a role there).

My Combat stats are:

84 Attack (soon to be 85)
75 Defense
81 Strength
68 Range (will not change under any circumstances)
61 Prayer
61 magic
1 Determination
99 Suicide-ness

Regards, Boombaye1


Kitt said...

I only ever got as far as the first Ket-Zek, then ran away after killing it. :P

I wore a mix of prayer and range gear, though if I went try it again, I'd go with full prayer boosting gear. I used a magic shortbow with steel arrows (1800). I did a lot of running around the cave and trying to get monsters stuck on the Italy rock.

I found prayer pots more useful than Sara brews, but I only went up to a certain monster. I had a protection prayer up constantly. Read up on some guides to find out what the monsters use as attacks.

Hope you kick Jad's butt. :)

oxox0xoxo said...

i have never realy tried to do it.but on acastions when i and doin agilty ill go down into the valcano, kill a few obby's, nad mabe a round in fight caves...never took it real seriously like some poeople do :)
good luck

Boombaye1 said...

Steel arrowz, check. Don't run away from Kets, check. Hmmmmm my practice runs are all done with P Pots. I know what the monsters can do, I've scrapped my Zammy book for a D Sq to hold off the the Xils. I've opted for the Kebbit bolts, stronger than regular arrows and cheaper .

Lol oxo, I'm gonna take it seriously. Thanks Kitt and oxo !