Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Giant Mole Hunting in 10 Easy Steps...

Heres my guide on Giant Mole Hunting...with Summoning ! This is for melee only.

Equipment: See figure 1 (the light blue potion is a Summoning potion)


75+ Hp
75+ Defence
80+ Attack
80+ Strength
40+ Summoning (Must have)

Equipment Choices from best to worst:

Helms: Royal Helm-->Barbarian Helm-->Rune full helm-->None
Amulet: Fury-->Glory-->Power-->Defence
Plate: Barrows-->Rune-->Proselyte or Initiate if using prayer
Legs: Barrows-->Rune-->Proselyte or Initiate if using prayer
Boots: Dragon-->Bandos-->Rune-->Lightness
Cape: Fire Cape-->Obsidian Cape-->Legends Cape-->Other
Gloves: Recipe for Disaster-->Other
Weapon: Abyssal Whip-->Dragon Scimitar/Dragon long-->Other
Special Attack Weapon: DDS-->Dragon Battleaxe+Restore pot-->Dragon Mace
Shield: Dragon Sq-->Obsidian Shield-->Rune Defender
Ring: Fremennik Warrior/Berzerker ring-->Wealth-->Life

1. Go to Falador and dig on a mole hill. (See figure 2)
2. Wait until Mole respawns, it isn't aggressive so you have plenty of time to pot up. (See figure 4)
3. Unload your DDS on him, all 4 specs should at least give him a papercut. (See figure 4)
4. Summon your Bull Ant and use the whistle icon to call it. Calling it will automatically have it start attacking the Mole.
5. Switch to your standard weapon and start beating it down.
6. If it burrows, your Ant should follow it but your Ant will only tail it if your Ant it hitting the Mole.
7. Look in the direction your ant is headed and that will point out where the Mole is.
8. Run there, if you need extra energy, just use an Unburden scroll.
9. Kill. Pick up drops. (See figure 5)
10. Teleport to Falador to give your drops to Wyson.


1. Renew when your familiar is at 30 secs.
2. Open up with a DDS every time it spawns.
3. 'Calling' your bull ant while you're under attack will let it start attacking immediately.
4. Eat when under 30 Hp.
5. 3 kills per solo trip is plenty and you get all the loot.

Regards, Boombaye1