Sunday, March 23, 2008

Titan Quest

I have ordered the game Titan Quest and I've been playing the demo to familiarize myself with it's mechanics. The game should come in by Tuesday or Wednesday, if I'm lucky, Monday. I've been looking forward to a decent role playing game for a while now....Diablo, too old. Knights of the Old Republic, too easy and too many bugs.

After playing the demo twice without getting bored, I've decided to buy the real one and really screw around with the ancient world.

Titan Quest is an epic RPG based on Greek mythology and the ancient world. Its a system hog, beautiful graphics, visuals and sounds and ridiculously simple.

There are 8 'sets' of skills for you to go through but you can only use 2 per character. A good combination of these sets is useful. Eg: Warrior: Brute force and damage + Defense mastery: Just a fancy way of saying "Hey look ! Your arrows don't hurt meh ! A bad combo would probably be like Hunter: Agility and ranged warfare + Earth: Raining rocks and tossing fireballs at people...since when do Mages and Rangers ever get along ?

Here is a list of the skill sets:

Earth: Think of tossing a flaming boulder at some wild boar and you'll know what Earth is.

Storm: No Poseidon references here. Just lightning and a ton of water...oookay...maybe a few Poseidon references. Picture barbecuing and drowning a wild boar at the same time.

Hunter: Planting arrows and spears in people's skulls since '95. A plethora of Ranged weapons and spears lie here. Shoving pointy stuff in a wild boar's eyes comes to mind.

Warrior or something like that: Brute force and dishing out damage before you collapse from boredom. Squishing a wild boar's skull with your pinkie sounds right.

Defense: Not like a laser that shoots down arrows but more like raising a shield in time to spot it. Not many ways to kill wild boar unless you're gonna make it die of exhaustion from constantly hitting nothing but your shield.

Spiritual: Ripping the soul outta that guy and converting it into an undead freak you can summon to help you...summoning an undead wild boar to suck the soul out of a live one...

Rogue: Ninja 'nuff said. Sneaking up on a wild boar and stabbing it to death with an invisible dagger.

Nature: Summoning...Titan style. Nature is like Lunar Magicks, you use them to aid a group. Summoning a pack of wolves outta nowhere to kill that wild boar just because you're to lazy to do it yourself...yep.

According to what I've read, people spend upwards of 40 hours on the campaign on ONE character. I've created a melee one and a range one on the demo though I favour melee...shocker. The game seems incredibly replayable and I might really enjoy the full version. Though there was only 1 real boss monster, it put up a pretty good fight. I also love that travel around the world element, I can hit the Great Wall of China without leaving my living room or my TV.

Unfortunately, there are a number of nasty bugs mainly associated with graphics. My demo crashed twice though it seems to work fine now...all in, mythological, epic, beautiful and lots of wild boars to kill. It's gonna be one game I'll enjoy playing.

Ps: No wild boars were harmed during the making of this thing...maybe one or two...or 30.

Regards, Boombaye1

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