Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Get the plates 'cuz I just got served !

I died while at Bork today, I thought I could take him on without prayer when mine ran out. Those JaGex guys are really idiots, why did I lose my 300k Dragon Boots but keep my 200k Guthan's armour ? A great way to kick off the school holidays is by hanging around the Seers Village fun.

My losses are:

Dragon Boots: 300k Main loss, will have it back with time
Amulet of Glory: 40k Got back
Ring of Wealth: 40k Got back
Legends Cape: 500gp On the way to Guild right now
Royal Helm: 50k Will replace with headband for now
Barrows Gloves: 100k Soon
Dragon Scimitar:100k Got Back
DDS: 40k Just teled to Edgeville and heading to Exchange
Dignity: It's around my ankles...just gotta bend down and pick it up

Regards, Boombaye1

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