Thursday, March 6, 2008

I review st00f: Barrelchest Anchor...

I'm gonna start reviewing certain items, mainly weapons and armour. I only do the ones I have though, to kick things off, we start with the Barrelchest Anchor...


- 2 Stab <--o.O
+ 10 Slash
+ 92 Crush
+ 100 Strength Bonus.

I just had mine repaired after doing the Great Brain Robbery. The 100 str bonus and 92 crush bonus is huge. Any Rangers or guys in plate armour are dead meat. I maxed out at 29 unaided with it so the bonus is substantial. However, it's speed hinders the overall efficiency and it will constantly hit low. It is 2 Handed. No chance of having a shield then. It is also quite rare to KO with this thing. I use it as a fun weapon though I might take it to train at some places.


Effect on players: Hitting high can drive a lower level off in terror. 3/5
Strength bonuses: High Strength 4/5
Other bonuses: High Crush 5/5
Animations/ looks ? Good animations 2/5
Common ? Uncommon 3/5

Speed: Slow like a Roman Testudo formation. 2/5
Requirements: 60 Attack and 40 Strength, not useful to pures. 2/5
2 Handed: 1/5
Accuracy: Inaccurate 2/5


Brute force player might like this. Tanks will love this. It's the bane of any pures existence. Hard to wield for a pure, low def means they'll pound you into pudding. It's strength can easily KO someone. I should know, I hit a redbarred guy for 27, turns out he was trying to heal.

Nice weapon to have fun with...horrible in a high-risk situation. Get one if you spend lots of time in safe minigames like Castle Wars and Clan Wars. Remember, no refunds on this one. once you have it, you have it. It's nice to see the look on their faces after you hit 5-7 1s then suddenly come out with a 28.


oxox0xoxo said...

i remeber when u did desert treasure... well last night me and my friend walk through it and finished it :) i have been a cw's all day :D

Boombaye1 said...

Cool ! Gratz on it.