Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fight Caves Failure and Bandos...

I failed at fight caves when I lagged and a Ket-Zek 2-hit me after I forgot to turn prayer on. Tim was gonna buy Bandos armour and i can see why...prices have hit the bottom but still too far outta my reach. I am now really jealous at his ability to buy epic numbers of Ranarr seeds, farm them and wait a couple months without going broke. Gonna take me at least 15 days just to get the plate.. School holidays are coming I'm not sure what to put on hold: Visage or Fire cape. I really want the Bandos plate...all 3 are on my wishlist which makes it even harder. School holidays are in 1 week and I'll have 2 weeks on Runescape...plenty of time to get a Fire cape or Visage or Bandos plate...which comes first ? Comment to put your vote up !

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