Saturday, March 29, 2008

Titan Quest...Game

The game came in and in a space of 22 hours, I have beaten everything except the last boss. This last boss however can: Fire 3 Lightning bolts at you, Fire a Poison Bolt, Drain your life, toss meteors at you and has the ability to drain the life from you AND then use it to replenish his own. I on the other hand, am a level 22-27(I forgot the level itself) Conqueror (Warrior + Defense) with minimum gear, a bow, an arrow a good helmet and a decent strength the math.

However, 22 hours has to be a record and I've only explored less than half the levels. The highest you can get in the Core version is 65. This last boss is impossibly powerful. I've tried ranging him-fail, I've tried melee-epic fail and I've tried calling spirits of dead soldiers to aid me. They were cut down within 17 seconds and I was stuck meleeing him again...pelting him with arrows seems better and I'm supposed to be a warrior !

I am currently on the lookout for a special set of armour and should have it within a week. I'm also gonna work on my defense skills as Typhon (the last boss) keeps getting me down within 4 hits. I will still be off Runescape for a while and may even miss out on Summoning Batch 2

Regards, Boombaye1

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Titan Quest

I have ordered the game Titan Quest and I've been playing the demo to familiarize myself with it's mechanics. The game should come in by Tuesday or Wednesday, if I'm lucky, Monday. I've been looking forward to a decent role playing game for a while now....Diablo, too old. Knights of the Old Republic, too easy and too many bugs.

After playing the demo twice without getting bored, I've decided to buy the real one and really screw around with the ancient world.

Titan Quest is an epic RPG based on Greek mythology and the ancient world. Its a system hog, beautiful graphics, visuals and sounds and ridiculously simple.

There are 8 'sets' of skills for you to go through but you can only use 2 per character. A good combination of these sets is useful. Eg: Warrior: Brute force and damage + Defense mastery: Just a fancy way of saying "Hey look ! Your arrows don't hurt meh ! A bad combo would probably be like Hunter: Agility and ranged warfare + Earth: Raining rocks and tossing fireballs at people...since when do Mages and Rangers ever get along ?

Here is a list of the skill sets:

Earth: Think of tossing a flaming boulder at some wild boar and you'll know what Earth is.

Storm: No Poseidon references here. Just lightning and a ton of water...oookay...maybe a few Poseidon references. Picture barbecuing and drowning a wild boar at the same time.

Hunter: Planting arrows and spears in people's skulls since '95. A plethora of Ranged weapons and spears lie here. Shoving pointy stuff in a wild boar's eyes comes to mind.

Warrior or something like that: Brute force and dishing out damage before you collapse from boredom. Squishing a wild boar's skull with your pinkie sounds right.

Defense: Not like a laser that shoots down arrows but more like raising a shield in time to spot it. Not many ways to kill wild boar unless you're gonna make it die of exhaustion from constantly hitting nothing but your shield.

Spiritual: Ripping the soul outta that guy and converting it into an undead freak you can summon to help you...summoning an undead wild boar to suck the soul out of a live one...

Rogue: Ninja 'nuff said. Sneaking up on a wild boar and stabbing it to death with an invisible dagger.

Nature: Summoning...Titan style. Nature is like Lunar Magicks, you use them to aid a group. Summoning a pack of wolves outta nowhere to kill that wild boar just because you're to lazy to do it yourself...yep.

According to what I've read, people spend upwards of 40 hours on the campaign on ONE character. I've created a melee one and a range one on the demo though I favour melee...shocker. The game seems incredibly replayable and I might really enjoy the full version. Though there was only 1 real boss monster, it put up a pretty good fight. I also love that travel around the world element, I can hit the Great Wall of China without leaving my living room or my TV.

Unfortunately, there are a number of nasty bugs mainly associated with graphics. My demo crashed twice though it seems to work fine now...all in, mythological, epic, beautiful and lots of wild boars to kill. It's gonna be one game I'll enjoy playing.

Ps: No wild boars were harmed during the making of this thing...maybe one or two...or 30.

Regards, Boombaye1


I'm gonna be taking a break from Runescape and once I'm back, I'm gonna hit those trees like a hurricane for my whip. Expect nothing coherent from me for now, that and my energy levels have been shot from the flu...cold...and a bit from the stress of high school. So, yeah...I'll be a lot less active for a couple weeks. It feels good to take a break though, I'll feel renewed and ready to take more punishment afterwards.

Regards, Boombaye1

Ps: My concentration is also shot I almost typed 'Boombaye1, Regards', spelt 'Regards' wrong...4 times in a row and spelt 'typed' wrong a row.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

J Mod and Casual

I ran into one Mod Hohbein today in Lumbridge, World 32. It wasn't a long visit but was rare opportunity to run into one. I asked him if it was possible to have the items you keep at the same value as they are in the GE so if I had a Dragon Battleaxe and a Whip, I'd keep the whip if I died. This kind of thing is the basis of many scams an lure tactics.

He also surprisingly humorous and was accompanied by a P Mod. Apparently, he works at JaGex but isn't an actual J Mod. He's the one in the Wig, tenderizer and Judge outfit.

Now for the casual bit, in the one where I show you how he looks, I'm the one in the elegant with Zamorak book and a D scimitar. Many people have a casual skilling outfit and a combat outfit. Casual outfits tend to match and are sometimes more expensive than combat outfits.

So, the points is, do you have one ? I'm not one to run around in battle armour for the whole day so I have something extra to wear...I'm 1.9k away from 69 Range...yes, I had to go Dragon Hunting today and I'm 2.9k away from 85 Attack. One of my short term goals is off the list ^.^

Regards, Boombaye1

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ravens and more Summoning.

In all my travels, I've seen 4 Zamorak Hawks, 2 Saradomin Owls and 2 Guthix Raptors..but not one Raven. I've always loved the mysterious nature of the bird, shrouded in darkness, it seems great as a pet. Kitt got incredibly lucky and managed to obtain 2 Raven eggs. I only had 1 Red egg in my entire life...Marlaine has about 40 something Red eggs.

I'm planning on holding a Summoning house party sometime. This will only happen when I get 50 Summoning AND a Raven Chick. The Zamorak Hawk is also very tempting, vicious, menacing and red, seems like a nice pet. My Kingdom should provide me with a nest sometime that contains a Raven Egg.

My main goal for now is simply Dragon boots which I'll have by tomorrow but Summoning is never far from my mind, the Giant Mole drops charms, Bork has a 100% Drop rate of charms and I'm in the lookout for a good Crimson charm dropper.

Regards, Boombaye1

Get the plates 'cuz I just got served !

I died while at Bork today, I thought I could take him on without prayer when mine ran out. Those JaGex guys are really idiots, why did I lose my 300k Dragon Boots but keep my 200k Guthan's armour ? A great way to kick off the school holidays is by hanging around the Seers Village fun.

My losses are:

Dragon Boots: 300k Main loss, will have it back with time
Amulet of Glory: 40k Got back
Ring of Wealth: 40k Got back
Legends Cape: 500gp On the way to Guild right now
Royal Helm: 50k Will replace with headband for now
Barrows Gloves: 100k Soon
Dragon Scimitar:100k Got Back
DDS: 40k Just teled to Edgeville and heading to Exchange
Dignity: It's around my ankles...just gotta bend down and pick it up

Regards, Boombaye1

Giant Mole Hunting in 10 Easy Steps...

Heres my guide on Giant Mole Hunting...with Summoning ! This is for melee only.

Equipment: See figure 1 (the light blue potion is a Summoning potion)


75+ Hp
75+ Defence
80+ Attack
80+ Strength
40+ Summoning (Must have)

Equipment Choices from best to worst:

Helms: Royal Helm-->Barbarian Helm-->Rune full helm-->None
Amulet: Fury-->Glory-->Power-->Defence
Plate: Barrows-->Rune-->Proselyte or Initiate if using prayer
Legs: Barrows-->Rune-->Proselyte or Initiate if using prayer
Boots: Dragon-->Bandos-->Rune-->Lightness
Cape: Fire Cape-->Obsidian Cape-->Legends Cape-->Other
Gloves: Recipe for Disaster-->Other
Weapon: Abyssal Whip-->Dragon Scimitar/Dragon long-->Other
Special Attack Weapon: DDS-->Dragon Battleaxe+Restore pot-->Dragon Mace
Shield: Dragon Sq-->Obsidian Shield-->Rune Defender
Ring: Fremennik Warrior/Berzerker ring-->Wealth-->Life

1. Go to Falador and dig on a mole hill. (See figure 2)
2. Wait until Mole respawns, it isn't aggressive so you have plenty of time to pot up. (See figure 4)
3. Unload your DDS on him, all 4 specs should at least give him a papercut. (See figure 4)
4. Summon your Bull Ant and use the whistle icon to call it. Calling it will automatically have it start attacking the Mole.
5. Switch to your standard weapon and start beating it down.
6. If it burrows, your Ant should follow it but your Ant will only tail it if your Ant it hitting the Mole.
7. Look in the direction your ant is headed and that will point out where the Mole is.
8. Run there, if you need extra energy, just use an Unburden scroll.
9. Kill. Pick up drops. (See figure 5)
10. Teleport to Falador to give your drops to Wyson.


1. Renew when your familiar is at 30 secs.
2. Open up with a DDS every time it spawns.
3. 'Calling' your bull ant while you're under attack will let it start attacking immediately.
4. Eat when under 30 Hp.
5. 3 kills per solo trip is plenty and you get all the loot.

Regards, Boombaye1

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What means the most to you as a player ?

As a Runescape player, I value money and combat, skills far more than anything else. It's not hard to believe, I stare blankly at that Bandos chestplate every day. From what I can so far see in other bloggers from what they've posted, I see some traits of their personality. Know that these are assumptions and as they say: When you assume, you make an ass out of U and Me. lol.

Marlaine, hardly seems values money, cares about skills, does little mindless skilling over 8 hours without a break.(I actually do that) Worries about people in need (like me when she gave me dem Sara Brews). Doesn't seem to ever get mad...frustrated, possibly but never berserk (unlike me who nearly punches out my monitor after failing the darts for the 7th time).

Tim, seems to take combat seriously (read his early posts) has a ton of cash which he willingly blows off at the same time on a few large things (Bandos, Bandos Godsword, 42 mil on his house). Does have high stats but still focuses on combat (like me).

Kitt, gets mad, not often but happens (constant swearing on her blog is an indication lol steak knife). Seems to value skills and does the unorthodox ones first (fishing before woodcutting) has patience. Just take a look at her 99 woodcutting goal, she sets it out one day and has it done in around a week.

Micro, can't say much...he's lucky, very lucky indeed. Takes regular breaks from skilling (good) and...yep.

Me, values money, lol, humor and meaningful articles (sometimes). Combat skills are first regard though I've got about as much courage as a wet puppy. I prefer accuracy but force is valued. Money is second regard, cash is needed for most methods I use to train skills. I avoid skills with over-clicking like Runecrafting or Crafting. People call me lazy but shoving 2 jerseys into each other and putting both on at the same time is efficiency, not laziness. Currently, I'm on a Summoning Fever and summoning mein brains to kingdom come. I want 50 and my kingdom could provide me with a Raven Egg. Level 50 seems closer than ever.

Yep...I did beat an innocent pheasant down...with an reason...

I have made up my mind about what to get first, Whip followed by a purty new Amulet of Fury.

Regards, Boombaye1

Monday, March 17, 2008

Summoning fever.

Yes, that really the current version of me up there ^.^

Woodcutting...boring ? Yes. Slow ? Yes. Am I gonna stop for now ? Yes.

I have seen potential in Summoning as a great moneymaker...for 2 familiars at least.

The Macaw and the Bull Ant.

Firstly, the Macaw. It makes your herb drops better how much better ? takes me 40 mins of get a 22 Grimy herbs Ranarr and above. It used to take me 25 mins to get a full inventory of Unids. Now, 15 mins to get 22 herbs Ranarr and above. All thanks to the Macaw. All it costs me ? 1 Guam, 1 Green charm and 78 Shards. Or about 1.2k off the Exchange. I can come up with about 40k in 15 mins as opposed to 30k every 20 mins from woodcutting. Great, eh ?

Now, the Bull Ant, I can't bring up a Terrorbird yet so it'll have to do for now. It's unburden ability really helps in Tracking and killing the Giant Mole. In layman's terms, Bull Ant + Unburden + Giant Mole = Birds nests with a chance of gettin' a Spirit Tree seed.

I'm going to post a guide sometime on how to hunt the Giant Mole with summoning but now, a quick guide to mass murder of druids with a Macaw standing around.


41 Summoning
Decent combat stats


2 Macaw pouches (1 more just in case you forget to renew one)
Summoning Potion (just a precaution)
Teleport runes to Falador or your house if it's in Taverly

1. Walk to Taverly dungeon, get to the Dungeon and druids.
2. Summon your Macaw when you see the druids.
3. Kill until you feel bored or need to bank.
4. Teleport to Falador, bank and go back. Alternative is to Teleport to your house, use a Glory to get to Edgeville, take the shortcut to the Exchange and sell.


If you hear a clock ticking, it means your familiar will be dismissed in 30 secs.
Only renew when you have 30 secs left.
Bring along some Herbcall scrolls to get a couple extra herbs while there.
You can recharge your points at the Taverly Obelisk if you have to.

Regards, Boombaye1

Friday, March 14, 2008 and something 'bout Dan Brown

Due to my need for money, I'm planting Ranarrs while woodcutting for that needed boost. I'm 58 exp away from 42 Farming. I ran into Marlaine earlier. Yes, I know her worlds are about 2000 miles off the ones I use but I needed a world that wasn't crowded and 158 registers as good enough so I headed there. Pretty soon, I saw that I had 664 exp till 40 Summoning so I headed to the obelisk. My heart skipped 1...mebbe 2 or 14 beats when I right clicked and the words 'Marlaine level-131' is sitting there. Normally, I woulda just skimmed by 'level 131' like nothing but 'Marlaine' is what stood out...and pretty soon, we chatted for 'bout 5 mins and went our separate ways. She really does say 'smiling' in the game and not just on the blog !

Dan Brown's Deception Point is excellent. Read it twice within 24 hours. The suspense and realism is what really seems so cool.

Just got the level ! I can now grow...curry and evil turnips. Wow, that is soooooo worth the effort.
I should have Miranda (yes, I do name my weapons...don't judge me) soon, within the weekend hopefully.

Regards, Boombaye1

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Decisions, decisions decisions.

I've made my decision, first, an Abyssal whip, I sold mine for the Legends quest and it's time to get it back. During the school holidays, I'll get a Fury, whip (before the holidays start) I'll be posting a poll on which item I should get first out of the 3 in my last post.

Dan Brown's Deception Point* and my horrifying cellphone music will get me through this.

*I have many mature interests, novels with more than 500 pages are loved by me. What ? Is that so hard to believe ?

Regards, Boombaye1

Fight Caves Failure and Bandos...

I failed at fight caves when I lagged and a Ket-Zek 2-hit me after I forgot to turn prayer on. Tim was gonna buy Bandos armour and i can see why...prices have hit the bottom but still too far outta my reach. I am now really jealous at his ability to buy epic numbers of Ranarr seeds, farm them and wait a couple months without going broke. Gonna take me at least 15 days just to get the plate.. School holidays are coming I'm not sure what to put on hold: Visage or Fire cape. I really want the Bandos plate...all 3 are on my wishlist which makes it even harder. School holidays are in 1 week and I'll have 2 weeks on Runescape...plenty of time to get a Fire cape or Visage or Bandos plate...which comes first ? Comment to put your vote up !

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Test runs and the big 'un.

I did a test run in the Caves to see what I would be up against... I bought 3 P Pots (4) and 10 Wild Pies. I got to the first Ket-Zek and only used 2 pots. I messed up a couple times at the Zeks and only killed 2 but all in all, it went well. I'm gonna do the real version either by tomorrow or on the weekend...

My Inventory:

4 Ranging Potions
16 Prayer Potions
Dragon Scimitar
1 Manta Ray
1 Shark
3 Wild pies
2 Summer pies


2600 Kebbit bolts (known to hit harder than Mithril arrows)
Hunter crossbow (As fast as a Magic Shortbow but -15 range bonus)
Red D'hide body
Guthan's legs
Ring of Recoil
Amulet of glory
Archer Helm
Dragon Square Shield (range defence)
Dragon Boots
Barrows gloves

Five me any tips or set-ups now, I'm turning off private Chat during the battle...

Regards, Boombaye1

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fight Caves goal.

Title says it all.

I'm gonna try something slightly suicidal. Doing the hardest minigame in existence with 68 Range. It can be done. I won't bother with range until I've finished my goal. The main reason for this is to vent my frustration for that mute but since I can't lob Chinchompas at Gower himself, I'll have to settle for the biggest monster ever.

I need suggestions (that don't involve gaining extra levels) from those who have done it, Kitt, Tim, Marlaine, Prime. You guys are top priority here and I need suggestions for inventories, methods and most of all, how not to get roasted in 1 hit.

I have posted a screenshot of my armour, weapons and gear I can use in the endevour and I need to narrow things down. Kebbit bolts are know to hit as hard as a magic shortbow on addy arrows. The hunter crossbow is also cheap, 1 handed and a helluva lot faster. I could try ruby or diamond tipped bolts. My food of choice is Manta. The Dragon Sq can be used with a crossbow. The approximate cost for buying rune arrows, Sara brews is about 200k in total. Brews alone would cost about 100k. I doubt an anchor would work as I'd lose an inventory space. I could sell m Obsidian cape to fund a trip and use the Legends but I lose a +2 Defense bonus. using an Accumulator will pick up bolts meaning less per trip.

Guys, I need your advice on this one big-time. Prayer switching tactics, anything that doesn't include 'don't melee jad'...armed with this research, you must see if I should add or take something away. Call it a mission of mercy. Quick, dangerous and covert, just what you were bred for. (mebbe not but I was on a role there).

My Combat stats are:

84 Attack (soon to be 85)
75 Defense
81 Strength
68 Range (will not change under any circumstances)
61 Prayer
61 magic
1 Determination
99 Suicide-ness

Regards, Boombaye1

Monday, March 10, 2008

Jagex's lack of brain. Preapare for a rant.

On Sunday afternoon at 2:17 pm, I put my Whip on the Exchange to see if anyone would buy for max price. I accidentally clicked the min price button and hit confirm before my brain could respond. Fortunately, someone bought it for 1.4 million and with that money, I bought a cannon, set my range up to 68, and then used the remaining money to train Herblore up to 44 (I used a Greenmans ale to get to 45). I finished all of this an bought all the supplies needed for the Legends quest by 3:45 pm

At 21:09, I finished one of the hardest quests in the game. It wasn't actually to hard, I celebrated with a couple games of Castle Wars and went to bed. I decided today after coming home from school to kill Shadow Warriors for a Left Half but also managed to sell my cannon and could afford a D Sq on the exchange so I but an offer for max and lo and behold ! The bar goes from orange to green in an instant and I have a shiny new D Sq

18:32 I hopped worlds and met oxo for the first time as he said hi. I attempted to send him a 'hello' but when I hit Enter, it didn't show up. I thought I lagged and looked around, everything was running fine and then I looked in my chatbox, "You have been muted due to breaking a rule" stared back. I was shocked to say the least.

I went to the 'Appeal an offence/ban' button faster than a Revenant teleblocks, I saw that it was breaking Rule 9...again. Encouraging others to break rules. I hadn't announced in public that we should spam a mod so that couldn't be right.

Apparently, while showing off my new D Sq in a free world, someone said they got hacked and lost stuff on their main and the hacker begun breaking rules and got the account muted. I told him that I had also once lost a large amount to a keylogger.

Thats where things went South. He asked if it was a false gold order in which I lost real money.

Me: No
Me: Visited a particular site
Me: They had a virus on the site
Me: Just clicking that thing gave it to me
Him: Kk
Me: No! (I was telling a determined beggar to go away*

Jagex calls that encouraging others to break rules ?! I was informing him of a certain incident. I wasn't actually telling him to visit a site.

Now comes the real issue, would it be encouraging others to break the law if I told an average American citizen that terrorists were responsible for the 9/11 attacks, would that be encouraging him to become a terrorist ? No ! I would be informing of an incident and the culprit. What if I told a Middle Eastern Terrorist/Insurgent that an American Fighter-bomber was the blame for the smoldering crater that used to be his house ? No ! I would be informing him of an incident, not telling him to blow that plane outta the sky or become a pilot.

Now, for my appeal:

"I was explaining to that person about an incident where my account was stolen
. I ran into a site and got hit by a keylogger. If anything, he should be det(get)
erred from any gold selling sites due to the chance of picking up a keylogger
. This is the mistake I believe Customer Support has made and I hope to have
this mute removed.

Regards, Boombaye1"

Their reply:

"Thank you for your appeal.

We are sorry to inform you that this appeal has been denied.

We have conclusive evidence that you were in control of the account at the time of the offence and, for this reason, this offence will remain on your account.

We suggest you take some time to remind yourself of the Rules of Conduct before you start playing again!

Jagex Customer Support"

They used a bot to reply to my message and said sorry. Of course I was in control of that account ! You really think I would willingly let someone else get on ? And 'being in control of this account' is no excuse. Now comes the point of the bot being used to send a reply. Can't those guys type a half decent, seemingly non-robotic reply ?

It seems wrong that Jagex can't see that I could help that person by telling him about the dangers of visiting gold selling sites but all they saw was the part where I said I visited one. These guys don't understand what I meant and then begun using French Revolution style punishments by beheading the peasant for not being able to pay taxes.

I have posted this extremely long and somewhat boring article as a complaint and rant. If you have read this far without skipping any lines, I applaud you. However, I won't use this as an appeal or anything. I want the reader's opinion on what happened to me. Post a comment (please) or just put something in the chatbox.

Regards, Boombaye1

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I review st00f: Barrelchest Anchor...

I'm gonna start reviewing certain items, mainly weapons and armour. I only do the ones I have though, to kick things off, we start with the Barrelchest Anchor...


- 2 Stab <--o.O
+ 10 Slash
+ 92 Crush
+ 100 Strength Bonus.

I just had mine repaired after doing the Great Brain Robbery. The 100 str bonus and 92 crush bonus is huge. Any Rangers or guys in plate armour are dead meat. I maxed out at 29 unaided with it so the bonus is substantial. However, it's speed hinders the overall efficiency and it will constantly hit low. It is 2 Handed. No chance of having a shield then. It is also quite rare to KO with this thing. I use it as a fun weapon though I might take it to train at some places.


Effect on players: Hitting high can drive a lower level off in terror. 3/5
Strength bonuses: High Strength 4/5
Other bonuses: High Crush 5/5
Animations/ looks ? Good animations 2/5
Common ? Uncommon 3/5

Speed: Slow like a Roman Testudo formation. 2/5
Requirements: 60 Attack and 40 Strength, not useful to pures. 2/5
2 Handed: 1/5
Accuracy: Inaccurate 2/5


Brute force player might like this. Tanks will love this. It's the bane of any pures existence. Hard to wield for a pure, low def means they'll pound you into pudding. It's strength can easily KO someone. I should know, I hit a redbarred guy for 27, turns out he was trying to heal.

Nice weapon to have fun with...horrible in a high-risk situation. Get one if you spend lots of time in safe minigames like Castle Wars and Clan Wars. Remember, no refunds on this one. once you have it, you have it. It's nice to see the look on their faces after you hit 5-7 1s then suddenly come out with a 28.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

One in a million

A couple days ago, while doing my Varrock Diary, I got a 113 Dagannoth task from Vannaka. I did said task and bang ! The new quest shows up with a 44 slayer requirement...something I got earlier this afternoon so I'm putting off my dragon hunting plans and doing this quest...without a guide. Talk about weird coincidence.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Lady Elenasg and erm...nope. Nothing else.

I met Lady Elenasg earlier today...on Season's clan chat and I met her at the Red Dragons in wildy...died and lost a couple lobs and half a p pot. At least I got a couple good pics...I tried to creep one of my friends out and he can't decide whether I'm a girl or guy...She turned down my request for an interview so I couldn't get one to you...At least I now have 2 people on my 'Famous people I have run into on my runescape travels and adventures list' Zezima and now...Lady Elenasg.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Basilisk Hunting for Noobs...

Basilisks...a weak lvl 63 that never hits, good drops and an insanely hard name to spell (I had to type the word basilisk out 3 times at the beginning). How do you hunt them ? I'm here to tell you that one...

Minimum Requirements:

40 Slayer
63 Combat
Access to some kind of teleportation
Mirror Shield

Recommended Requirements:

40+ Slayer
63+ Combat
Access to Fairy rings
High defence
Mirror Shield


25 Lobsters
Dramen Staff or Teleport
DDS or special attack weapon of choice. Can be left out to add 1 more space.


Rune armour/Barrows
Amulet of Glory/Fury
Whip/DDS or other weapon combo
Anything else is interchangeable

The method:

Head to Zanaris, get your weapons of choice (DDS and Whip combo are my faves) don't forget your Dramen staff and Mirror Shield. Go to the Fairy ring, hit the AJR combo and you'll end up at the entrance of the Dungeon. Go in and follow the path inwards until you get into the bassie room. Start with a DDS spec and switch to whip. Repeat until your head explodes or you run outta food.

This is based on luck and you can't guarantee on any huge profit every trip.

Good Drops:

Clue Scroll Lvl 2 ?
White Mystic Hat(Gold or White ?)
Rune Dagger
15 Nature Runes at a time
Ranarr Weeds and other herbs
Basilisk head
Half Keys
Green Charms



Saturday, March 1, 2008

Short-term and long-term goals...

My short-term goals are:

70 Range
85 Attack
45 Herblore
Legends quest
Dragon Square shield (see anything that links together ?)

My long term goals are:

Amulet of fury
99 Attack
Amulet of Fury
Bandos Chestplate
Bandos Tassets
Dragonfire Shield (could be very close depending on how lucky I am)
Fire cape (70 Range first)

Small post. Just a few things I wanna get done.


I've been getting involved with Dragons lately...not romantically (unless you consider exchanging large amounts damage *romantic*) Soloing the KBD, killing Red Dragons and Black Dragons no Metal Dragons however, not worth it. My Dragonfire shield goal is obviously back up. I just killed a couple Reds for fun. The KBD and Blacks were the ones for the Visage (no luck on either end). With Bounty Hunter back, the DFS shield price dropped...a lot. So I'm looking for a (non boring) way to get the shield in its whole form but that may not be worth the effort. Hard to decide. Can someone help me ? Like gimme a couple suggestions on either Dragon Hunting (no mithrils) or Moneymaking ? Please, no Barrows suggestions or anything involving 'patience' .

For now, I'll be at the Seers Village Magics cutting my way to a Zamorak Page 1 or even an amulet of Fury o.O